All-On-Four Dental Implants

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All-on-Four Dental Implants in Fullerton with Dr. Anna K. Talmood 

At our thoroughly modern dental office in Fullerton, we focus on creating beautiful smiles and supporting the absolute best in oral health for our valued patients. Part of this commitment involves offering the latest in sophisticated treatments that can improve the quality of life for our clients, regardless of their current oral health condition. One such procedure that is available today is our All-on-Four dental bridge or denture solution. 

Instead of traditional dentures that can slip out of place and may affect patient speech patterns, the All-on-Four denture or bridge system eliminates the shortcomings of regular dentures and affords the patient with a firm bite, an attractive smile, and minimal maintenance. This is accomplished by implanting four to five rigid “posts” in the mouth that act as anchor points for bridges or dentures. They hold more firmly than traditional dentures, and enable the user to eat hard foods and brush their teeth just like normal teeth. Here’s how it works: 

First, Dr. Anna Talmood will conduct a comprehensive consultation to ensure that you are a viable candidate for the process. Not everyone is, though most patients who need dentures or a bridge can benefit from the All-on-Four process.

Next, we will schedule a time to surgically install the dental implants, which are basically small, screw-shaped foundation points that replace the root area of missing teeth in the jawbone. These implants are crafted of titanium and are therefore designed to fuse with the surrounding jawbone material in a process called Osseo-integration.

The patient will then allow the implant areas to heal and stabilize before the actual dentures or bridges are installed. This process usually takes around 3 months. Once the titanium implants are in and firmly embedded in the jawbone, the dental professional will then snap the new dentures into place and the patient will be required to maintain a soft diet for some time. After that, the individual can treat their new “teeth” as they would natural teeth!

This process is efficient and often results in a better quality of life as most of the drawbacks related to traditional dentures are eliminated. Patients can eat hard foods, they can brush their teeth as normal, and the implant-supported dentures won’t interfere with normal speech patterns as regular dentures can.

If you live in the Orange County area and would like more information on All-on-Four dental implant supported dentures, contact Dr. Anna K. Talmood or call our friendly staff to schedule a consultation.


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