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Dr. Anna K. Talmood is passionate about helping patients achieve the healthy and functional dentition they deserve. For many individuals whose teeth have been compromised, restorative care may offer the best chance to regain dental structure and appearance. At our Fullerton practice, Dr. Talmood uses her experience with providing individualized restorations to assist patients in getting their smile back. 

Your Restoration Options

Restorations are versatile options that are can be used whether a single tooth or multiple teeth need replacement. Single restorations are used to rebuild the tops of teeth, when cusps have been damaged, and also to complete root canal therapy. Multi-tooth restorations can replace multiple teeth, whether a row or a full arch of teeth are missing.

Single tooth restorations include: 

Multi-tooth restorations include: 

Depending on your need, our Fullerton dentist fashions a personalized treatment plan to optimally improve your smile.

Implant Restorations

Our dentist provides implant restorations to patients looking to for a more permanent approach than traditional restorations. Dental implants are prosthetics that are placed in the jaw bone and provide a foundation for replacement teeth. Proven as a long-lasting and trusted treatment, implants in conjunction with restorations can fully replenish your smile. 

Personalized Restorations

The dental restorations provided at our practice are designed to be a comfortable and natural fit for each patient. To accomplish this, we will take detailed impressions to accurately capture the condition of the dentition, allowing your restorations to be modeled after your unique smile. Our patients receive dental replacements crafted from porcelain, a quality material that resembles both the strength and appearance of natural teeth. 

To ensure long-lasting utility, Dr. Talmood will affix the restoration using dental cement. Our Fullerton dentist stresses the importance of caring for your restorations as you would your real teeth to improve their chances of success. With regular brushing and flossing, you can reduce staining as well as prevent infection due to trapped food particles. 

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If you’re looking to restore teeth that are damaged or absent, the multiple treatments Dr. Anna Talmood offers can allow you to achieve a full smile once again. Our practice sees patients from many areas, including Brea, La Habra, and Anaheim. To schedule your free consultation, call our practice today. 



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